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aerosolaer‧o‧sol /ˈeərəsɒl $ ˈerəsɑːl/ noun [countable]  TDa small metal container with liquid inside. You press a button on the container to make the liquid come out in very small drops.spray
Examples from the Corpus
aerosolThe rain had a fine and penetrating quality about it that reminded him of the oil you squirt from an aerosol can.Had these people got bored with making cars and stereos and aerosols? were they going to start making history?She didn't know whether or not he was sniffing but when I searched his room I found empty aerosols.History 2, greenhouse plus aerosol forcing.He'd choked on his own vomit after a session of sniffing aerosols.The aerosol device is unlikely to have been the cause.The aerosol in a bottle of hair spray can induce a fast, powerful high.I need hairspray, but I don't like hair that looks stiff and I don't like to use aerosols.
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