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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishaffectedaf‧fect‧ed /əˈfektɪd/ adjective  PRETENDnot sincere or natural an affected laugh
Examples from the Corpus
affectedI can't bear him -- he's so loud and affected.But even the best of care may not help the worst affected.Keep doing this until any pain subsides, then cover the affected area and see your doctor.Worst affected areas were parts of Bishop Auckland, Stanley, and other villages in Weardale.However, no residents in affected houses had complained and many had spoken out in favour of the proposals.That stupid affected laugh of hers really annoys me.I hate that stupid affected laugh of hers.Objections are frequently raised by affected personnel, and methods to input documents automatically are thus highly desirable.She treated her guests with an affected politeness.Nor are the blight years which affected potato crops in about one year in three, in the not so distant past.The other element which affected royal control was the practice of appointing deputies.The shake-out of labour after 1979 affected women's employment less than men's, both here and abroad.
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