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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishaffectionaf‧fec‧tion /əˈfekʃən/ ●●○ noun [singular, uncountable]  1 LOVEa feeling of liking or love and caring syn fondnessaffection for Bart had a deep affection for the old man. She looked back on those days with affection. Their father never showed them much affection. The church was held in great affection (=loved and cared about a lot) by the local residents.2 somebody’s affections
Examples from the Corpus
affectionAnd I had an affection for Bernard who went to school with me.She never seemed to show us any affection.That he had a deep affection for her no one knew, certainly not Rose.The only time you express affection for each other is in bed.Alison and I had been at school together, and I felt great affection for her.I can not believe that you were quite unaware of my growing affection for you.He flared his nostrils at her, a sign of affection.children who have been starved of affectionAs husband and father, Stewart provided the family little in the way of affection.The world of affection, approval, and love is replaced by the world of order, work, and entrance exams.The crowd of mourners at his funeral bore witness to the affection and respect Stanley had earned through his life and work.affection forSince the age of eight, she's had an affection for music.My father didn't find it easy to express his affection for us.