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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishaffiliationaf‧fil‧i‧a‧tion /əˌfɪliˈeɪʃən/ noun  1 MEMBER[countable, uncountable] the connection or involvement that someone or something has with a political, religious etc organizationsomebody’s (political/religious etc) affiliation the newspaper’s political affiliations2 JOIN AN ORGANIZATION[uncountable] when a smaller group or organization joins a larger one
Examples from the Corpus
affiliationThroughout his long life, he retained his affiliation to the Labour Party.Most appeared to be voters who filed new affidavits because they had moved or because they wanted to change party affiliation.History is against the challengers, and not because of party affiliation.They asked about his religious beliefs and political affiliation.What are her political affiliations?Many people were arrested for their political affiliations.At the same time the executive resisted a renewed attempt by sympathisers for the affiliation of the Communist Party.University affiliations are at times still more restrictive.Of forty-four ministers whose affiliations are known, twenty-one have never been members of any fraternal organization.
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