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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishaffinityaf‧fin‧i‧ty /əˈfɪnəti/ ●○○ noun (plural affinities)  1 [singular]RELATIONSHIP a strong feeling that you like and understand someone or somethingaffinity with/for/between his remarkable affinity with animals2 LIKE/SIMILAR[countable, uncountable] a close relationship between two things because of qualities or features that they shareaffinity with/between the affinity between Christian and Chinese concepts of the spirit
Examples from the Corpus
affinityI felt an affinity with him.Samples are stained with a dye that has an affinity for the proteins.They seemed so different, yet he sensed an affinity between them.We have a deep affinity formed through many years of friendship.Unlike his brother Clarence, he acquired no ready-made affinity which he could exploit when he came of age.He shared with her a great many affinities and interests and returned her respect.Venetians feel more affinity with inhabitants of Vienna than with those of Rome.affinity with/for/betweenLike a crossword aficionado you developed an affinity with certain compilers - and from Ximenes you stayed well clear!Each age has an affinity for some frames and an aversion to others.They may not have an affinity for that.Three conclusions can be drawn: The three polymerases show slightly different affinities for the same promoter.Mustard has a special affinity for game, we think, and this recipe Tshowcases the interaction admirably.This, again, indicates the possibility of a more specific stylistic affinity between these pavements.Corepressor binding does not cause significant structural change in the protein, though it greatly increases the affinity for the operator.affinity with/betweenPerhaps they feel an affinity with its ghosts.I felt an affinity with him.Manifestations Gifts A natural affinity with animals and birds.Sam was a complete countryman, with a pronounced affinity with nature in all its forms.There is a remarkable affinity between the two religions.This has some affinity with the Marxist position.She has a strange affinity with nature and seems most at home by the seashore.The affinity between the fellow craftsmen at work on great buildings grew closer during the Gothic period.
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