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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishaffirmativeaf‧fir‧ma‧tive1 /əˈfɜːmətɪv $ -ɜːr-/ adjective formal  YESan affirmative answer or action meansyes’ or shows agreement opp negative an affirmative nodaffirmatively adverb
Examples from the Corpus
affirmativeThe others deal with affirmative action and access to information.He also agreed to adopt policies on affirmative action and ethics.Above all, affirmative action assuages white guilt.Indeed, equal opportunity policies, and strategies of affirmative action, can be built into selective assessments.As in the United States, affirmative action has been challenged in the courts.Hearings to consider a Proposed constitutional amendment outlawing affirmative action were scheduled.Until now, however, the court has not reconsidered the workplace rules on affirmative action.While trainers try to distinguish between the two, skeptics often view diversity as just warmed-over affirmative action.
affirmativeaffirmative2 noun   answer/reply in the affirmative
Examples from the Corpus
affirmativeThe question posed at the end of the first paragraph can be answered with a strong affirmative.If the affirmative was the case in all three, don't feel ashamed.The Court answers this question in the affirmative.
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