Language: Old English
Origin: geforthian 'to carry out', from forth


af‧ford S1 W3 [transitive]

can/could afford

[usually negative]
a) to have enough money to buy or pay for something
afford [to do] something
We can't afford to go on vacation this year.
I couldn't afford the rent on my own.
How can she afford to eat out every night?
b) to have enough time to do something:
Dad can't afford any more time off work.
c) if you cannot afford to do something, you must not do it because it could cause serious problems for you
afford to do something
We can't afford to wait any longer or we'll miss the plane.
! Afford can be followed by an infinitive with 'to', but not an -ing form: I can't afford to buy (NOT can't afford buying/can't afford buy) a car.
2 formal to provide something or allow something to happen:
The room affords a beautiful view over the city.
afford (somebody) an opportunity/chance
It afforded her the opportunity to improve her tennis skills.
The new law will afford protection to employees.
affordable adjective:
affordable housing

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