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afford/have/enjoy the luxury of something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishafford/have/enjoy the luxury of somethingafford/have/enjoy the luxury of somethingto have something that is very pleasant or convenient, that you are not always able to have For the first time in three years, they actually had the luxury of a whole day together. luxury
Examples from the Corpus
afford/have/enjoy the luxury of somethingWhen I painted it was for myself, I could afford the luxury of spending two years on a painting.Defenders have the luxury of double-teaming Riley.They did have the luxury of hit and run.Is this what women became if afforded the luxury of turned tables?The human species can no longer afford the luxury of such long double-takes or the leisurely changes of heart of entrenched scientists.In the criminal trial, the prosecution did not have the luxury of depositions.We do not have the luxury of thinking our problems will miraculously be solved by better times ahead.They couldn't afford the luxury of open-market values.
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