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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishaforementioneda‧fore‧men‧tioned /əˈfɔːmenʃənd $ ˈæfərˌmenʃənd, əˈfɔːr-/ (also aforesaid /əˈfɔːsed $ əˈfɔːr-/) adjective [only before noun] law   the aforementionedaforementioned noun [singular or plural]
Examples from the Corpus
aforementionedI now live in Middlesex and endure all the problems described in the aforementioned article.It stank to high heaven of salt-fish and shit, the aforementioned by far the more offensive.In front of the second dicky are the aforementioned fuel tank selector, cowl flap, cabin heat and air controls and parking brake.The Colonel, son of the aforementioned Marquis, comes to inspect the troops and becomes enamoured of Gertrudis' beauty.We had taken them with the aforementioned pinch of salt.For dessert, the best option may be one of those aforementioned smooth and creamy cappuccinos.They were halted at the outer guardhouse at the aforementioned trench, to identify themselves.
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