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AfrikanerAf‧ri‧ka‧ner /ˌæfrɪˈkɑːnə $ -ər/ noun [countable]  SANa white South African whose first language is Afrikaans and who is usually related to the Dutch people who settled in South Africa in the 1600sBoer
Examples from the Corpus
AfrikanerCritics say that clause will stifle free political debate-for example, about an Afrikaner homeland.With his vowels short as his hair, it was easy to mistake Wellington for an Afrikaner.And some have been redeemed, such as Hennie, an Afrikaner and a private security guard.Much of Afrikaner historical orthodoxy emanated from Stellenbosch University.Clive DerbyLewis, a smooth-talking politician of the ultra-right Afrikaner Conservative Party, was the mastermind.During the first Test in Bloemfontein he had been heckled by some of the Afrikaner members of the crowd.Only in 1948, with the election of the National party government, was the Afrikaner liberated.
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