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after a fashion

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishafter a fashionafter a fashionDO WELLnot very much, not very well, or not very effectively ‘Can you speak Russian?’ ‘After a fashion.’ fashion
Examples from the Corpus
after a fashionKissing continues, after a fashion, but tongues now completely verboten.So they became friends, after a fashion.The group learns to ride and lasso after a fashion.Grubbing for business on dud leads was, at least, after a fashion dealing.Broadman, who could read after a fashion, peered over the top of the volume.The gates clanged shut again, Berwick succoured, after a fashion, with a day to go.You met him ... Well, after a fashion, you met him ten years ago or so.It has worked, after a fashion.Aunt Lou seldom approved of the people who lived above her, but it worked after a fashion.
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