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after/before/until dark

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishafter/before/until darkafter/before/until darkTMCafter, before, or until the sun goes down at night I want you home before dark. dark
Examples from the Corpus
after/before/until darkI have often come out here alone after dark to breathe it in.We had been too nervous to arrive after dark.That evening I was all right - Joanna would be afloat in the late afternoon, and I could get away before dark.Start in the morning and not go home until dark.We worked from early morning until dark.Badgers usually only venture out after dark, so they can be difficult to spot.Not many people chose to take a ride on such a bumpy, gloomy road after dark in the month of January.If McQuaid had a big order to fill he mightn't come till after dark.
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