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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishafter-effectˈafter-efˌfect British English, aftereffect American English /ˈɑːftərɪfekt $ ˈæf-/ ●○○ noun [countable usually plural]  RESULTa bad effect that continues for a long time after the thing that caused itthe after-effects (of something) the after-effects of his illness
Examples from the Corpus
after-effectFor instance, Piers's unforthcoming remark about avoiding love because he had once tasted it and it had left a bitter after-effect.The Boomtown Rats have exploded out of the country, but there is little lingering after-effect.Pooley, taking this to be some after-effect of his discovery, shuddered briefly and tried to make himself heard.Or was that just the after-effect of mysterious little noises in the night?He felt sick: the after-effect of the drug, and his face throbbed where Ellwood had hit him.
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