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aftercareaf‧ter‧care /ˈɑːftəkeə $ ˈæftərker/ noun [uncountable]  British EnglishMH care or treatment given to someone after they leave hospital, prison etc the aftercare of ex-offenders
Examples from the Corpus
aftercareWill possibly offer an aftercare service.The book also shows how sensitive preparations and aftercare can help ministers overcome some of the difficulties of a funeral.Clients are assessed and prepared for independent living, with recommendations made for aftercare.The general practitioner may wish to provide his own aftercare for some patients.Why call physicians courageous simply because they permit Sister Kenny to demonstrate her method of polio aftercare?In others, the general hospital psychiatric service will be able to provide aftercare, including where necessary, family therapy.In summary, therefore, most special aftercare services have had no effect on repetition rates after attempted suicide.We now know that special aftercare can benefit women, but male attempters appear more difficult to help.
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