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afterlifeaf‧ter‧life /ˈɑːftəlaɪf $ ˈæftər-/ noun [singular]  RRDIEthe life that some people believe people have after death
Examples from the Corpus
afterlifeHow archaeologists set about trying to demonstrate belief in supernatural powers and an afterlife is the subject of Chapter 10.All these demonstrations of rulership had an afterlife long after Charles himself had gone.Perhaps Daine wouldn't like what she was planning for his self-designed afterlife.He presented me with three different theories about the afterlife, for example.Those other features revealed in various divine forms were simply ignored, in particular with relation to Osiris and the afterlife.This ritual restored to the mummy all his faculties so that he might enjoy the afterlife to the full.Christina believed she was released from the afterlife to pray for the souls in purgatory.So much emphasis is placed on the afterlife that the conditions of the present life are extremely neglected.
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