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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishaftershockaf‧ter‧shock /ˈɑːftəʃɒk $ ˈæftərʃɑːk/ noun [countable]  1 a small earthquake that happens after a larger one2 the effects of a shocking event the war and its aftershocks
Examples from the Corpus
aftershockThe second shock, like an aftershock, was that they would not get this money either.The war and its aftershocks had a profound effect on people here and abroad.Nicola Giandomenico said it appeared more stones fell from the roof and the facade during the latest aftershock.I feel the aftershock of this article for days.To cope with the aftershock, Mr Perez has made himself unpopular by bringing in painful economic reforms.The aftershocks intensify threefold each time.A third aftershock of the Six-Day War took place half a world away, in the Soviet Union.She was still trembling, tiny aftershocks of excitement tingling inside her.
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