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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishagaina‧gain /əˈɡen, əˈɡeɪn $ əˈɡen/ ●●● S1 W1 adverb  1 AGAINone more time – used when something has happened or been done before Can you say that again? I didn’t hear. I’ll never go there again. Mr Khan’s busy. Can you try again later?once again/yet again (=used to emphasize that something has happened several or many times before) In 1997, the family moved house yet again. Once again, Drew was under arrest.2 AGAINback to the same state or situation that you were in before She stayed and nursed him back to health again. It’s great to have you home again.3 all over again4 as much/as many/the same again5 EXPLAIN spoken used to give a fact or opinion that explains or adds to something you have just said And again, these workshops will benefit the community widely.6 then/there again7 again and again/time and (time) again/over and over again8 spokenREPEAT used when you want someone to repeat information that they have already given you What did you say your name was again? now and again at now1(5)GRAMMAR: Word orderAgain usually comes at the end of a sentence: He’s forgotten his keys again. Don’t say: He’s again forgotten his keys. | He’s forgotten again his keys.
Examples from the Corpus
againThe floor needs cleaning again.The fresh mountain air soon made Jennifer feel strong again.And bless them all, if we're ever to see them again.Now, because Janir got so involved, I started again.Staring rather blindly at Gwen, she ran the whole conversation through her head again.Trust me, your husband will never wear little daisy cuff links to match your bouquet again.If you don't succeed this time, try again.It was nice to see you again.Julie! It's your sister on the phone again.Thanks for coming! Please stop by again.Mistair asked again for a curve down.Can you say that again? I didn't hear you.When I was safely back in my apartment again, I took out the letter and read it.The Fed also said it would cut rates again if that were necessary to ward off recession.Mr. Rodriguez is in a meeting. Can you call again later?P.S. Let's see you win Wimbledon again Martina.If Sherri gets some rest, she should feel better again soon.The prospect of eating there again was so tempting to residents that all of the reservations have been taken.If you're late again we'll leave without you.And again, while the accident was not your fault, the damage must be paid for somehow.
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