Language: Old English
Origin: ongean 'opposite, back'


a‧gain S1 W1
1 one more time - used when something has happened or been done before:
Can you say that again? I didn't hear.
I'll never go there again.
Mr Khan's busy. Can you try again later?
once again/yet again (=used to emphasize that something has happened several or many times before)
In 1997, the family moved house yet again.
Once again, Drew was under arrest.
2 back to the same state or situation that you were in before:
She stayed and nursed him back to health again.
It's great to have you home again.

all over again

if you do something all over again, you repeat it from the beginning:
I had to write the essay all over again.

as much/as many/the same again

the same amount or number as you have just had, said etc:
What a fantastic lunch. I could eat the same again.
Nearly as many again died from pneumonia.
The amount of crime is about half as much again (=the same in addition to half that amount) as it was in 1973.
'Another drink?' 'Yes, same again (=the same drink again), please.'
5 spoken used to give a fact or opinion that explains or adds to something you have just said:
And again, these workshops will benefit the community widely.

then/there again

spoken used to introduce an idea or fact that is different from something you have just said, or makes it seem less likely to be true:
She says she's thirty-five. But then again she might be lying.

again and again/time and (time) again/over and over again

very often - used in order to show disapproval:
I've told you again and again, don't do that!
8 spoken used when you want someone to repeat information that they have already given you:
What did you say your name was again?

➔ now and again

at now1 (5)

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