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against the clock

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishagainst the clockagainst the clocka) HURRYif you work against the clock, you work as quickly as you can because you do not have much time Everyone is racing against the clock to get things ready in time. b) HURRYif you run, swim etc against the clock, you run or swim a particular distance while your speed is measured clock
Examples from the Corpus
against the clockHe was positive in all he did and this approach helped us to win many games against the clock or the weather.The ride is against the clock and points are taken away for knocking down obstacles.Sullivan Sergeant Sullivan looked at the wristwatch his girlfriend had given him and checked it against the clock on the wall.Thorns Gill is too precious to suffer damage by boots racing against the clock.Needless to say, starting that particular sewer again is very time-consuming, and the whole thing's against the clock!For a normally aspirated 2.5, the 325i's showing against the clock is complete and impressive.
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