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against the grain

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishagainst the grainagainst the grainDON'T LIKEif something goes against the grain, it is not what you would naturally or normally do Mary is always honest and it went against the grain to tell lies. grain
Examples from the Corpus
against the grainThe Smiths run directly against the grain.However it goes against the grain to tell them anything.However, it goes against the grain to have to say this, as it is our land after all.Greg Dively is one woodworker who really goes against the grain.Once again, Silverton goes against the grain by making her meringue smooth and flat instead of fluffy and high.Granted, that goes against the grain.For those raised in the prudery of puritanism or the celibacy-conscious preoccupations of Catholicism this ran against the grain.It went against the grain to have to tell others how to behave.
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