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age discrimination

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age discriminationˈage discrimiˌnation noun [uncountable]  SSunfair treatment of people because they are old syn ageism British English
Examples from the Corpus
age discriminationAge discrimination and fears of age discrimination are alive and well in the workplace.So how did Mrs Price win her case when she was alleging age discrimination.Arbitrary age discrimination can affect everyone.There were some cases, nevertheless, of clear discrimination: age discrimination in the police department, for example.It is the basis for age discrimination through neglect.The major cost of age discrimination is economic dependency, the most extreme form of which is poverty.There is lots of age discrimination in the world of jobs.
From Longman Business Dictionaryage discriminationˈage discrimiˌnationHUMAN RESOURCESLAW unfair treatment of someone because of their age, especially when they are not given a job because they are too old SYN AGEISM discrimination
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