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age range

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishage rangeˈage range noun [countable]  the people between two particular ages, considered as a group syn age groupin the ... age range young people in the 15–18 age range This affects people across a wide age range.
Examples from the Corpus
age rangeSpecial schools often take the full age range, including nursery and post-16.Internally the school is organized into separate departments, primary and secondary, which between them cover the entire school age range.Defining rigorously what constitutes a clinically significant depressive illness is problematic, regardless of the age range under consideration.The age range of the study population will enormously influence the final estimated prevalence rate.Moreover, students in colleges encompass a wide age range and exhibit very varying academic abilities and communication skills.in the ... age rangePrevalence of deafness in the 50-55 age range is given by.The differences were also evident in the age range of primary school pupils.The second group, in the 45-55 age range, were a mix of potential attenders and existing audience.They would prefer some one in the age range 25 - 45.It had been there for about a fortnight, and was in the right age range.
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