Date: 1600-1700
Language: Latin
Origin: 'things to be done', from agere; AGENT


a‧gen‧da S3 [countable]
1 a list of problems or subjects that a government, organization etc is planning to deal with
be high on the agenda/be top of the agenda (=be one of the most important problems to deal with)
Measures to combat terrorism will be high on the agenda.
The government set an agenda for constitutional reform.
political/economic/legislative/domestic etc agenda
Our Centre has limited its research agenda to four areas.
2 the ideas that a political party thinks are important and the things that party aims to achieve:
The Republicans have stuck to their conservative agenda.
3 a list of the subjects to be discussed at a meeting:
the next item (=subject) on the agenda

➔ hidden agenda

at hidden2 (3)

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