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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishagendaa‧gen‧da /əˈdʒendə/ ●●○ noun [countable]  1 DISCUSSa list of problems or subjects that a government, organization etc is planning to deal withbe high on the agenda/be top of the agenda (=be one of the most important problems to deal with) Measures to combat terrorism will be high on the agenda. The government set an agenda for constitutional reform.political/economic/legislative/domestic etc agenda Our Centre has limited its research agenda to four areas.2 IMPORTANTthe ideas that a political party thinks are important and the things that party aims to achieve The Republicans have stuck to their conservative agenda.3 LISTa list of the subjects to be discussed at a meeting the next item (=subject) on the agenda hidden agenda at hidden2(3)COLLOCATIONSphrasesbe high on the agendaNew measures to combat terrorism are high on the agenda.be (at the) top of the agendaEnergy efficiency is top of the agenda.be on the political agendaImmigration is an important issue on the political agenda.verbshave an agendaBrown has an agenda for the university’s future.set an agenda (=decide on the problems you want to deal with)The new government set an agenda for constitutional reform.put something on the agendaThis incident has put the issue of racism firmly back on the agenda.agree an agendaThe meeting ended in chaos as representatives were unable to agree an agenda.establish/create/provide an agenda (=begin to have an agenda)We need to establish an agenda for future research.
Examples from the Corpus
agendaThe first is the ability to communicate: to find a theme, to focus on an agenda.The new leaders have been very aggressive in promoting their conservative agenda.In the meantime, federal economic development funds transform the municipal agenda.Few general elections or administrations map out a new agenda.The election leaves it with no agenda for governing such division, even if it claims a victory.The president will unveil a specific policy agenda in his State of the Union message Feb. 4.Yet, the aspiration for social cohesion is the unstated aim of much of the republican agenda in New Labour.Have you got a copy of the agenda for tomorrow's meeting?The fuel crisis will be at the top of the agenda for today's board meeting.At first sight, then, the issue would not seem to be on the agenda.What do you do if you want to discuss something that's not on the agenda?The following conferences did place racism on the agenda, and all white participants were expected to take it seriously.political/economic/legislative/domestic etc agendaAlso, as the Senate leader, Dole can contrast himself with Clinton with a legislative agenda that reinforces his campaign message.Second, it evacuates the social and political agendas that often informed the movements identified in favour of a deracinated art.The introduction and failure of this project provide a good idea of why a separate black economic agenda has always been stifled.It also cleared the way for the Senate to take action on Mr Bush's cabinet nominees and his legislative agenda.It was fought on the narrowest of political agendas.But the media are not Rasputin with a covert or overt political agenda.Many artists in the 1930s followed an overtly political agenda.Clinton has managed to put social solidarity programmes back at the centre of the political agenda.item ... on the agendaYou can encourage some pre-conditioning by placing an approximate time allowed next to each item on the agenda.The parking garage is the first item on the agenda.Most meetings, for example, would benefit by regularly having a 15 minute review as the last item on the agenda.The main item on the agenda will be the possible acquisition of larger premises for our services.It was just one of many items on the agenda, and the Council members quickly moved on to other matters.We went on to the next item on the agenda.Compact should be a standing item on the agenda of governors' meetings.Amongst the items on the agenda was a planning application for Chapel Row.
From Longman Business Dictionaryagendaa‧gen‧da /əˈdʒendə/ noun [countable]1a list of the subjects to be discussed at a meetingWhat’s the first item on the agenda?High on the agenda of today’s meeting of the G8 is global warming.2a list of things that someone considers important or that they are planning to doThe recent strengthening of the dollar - and how to stop it - should be at the top of the agenda.3hidden agenda someone’s secret plan or aims, rather than the ones that they say that they haveThe union accused the company board of having a hidden agenda.
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