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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishaggravatedag‧gra‧va‧ted /ˈæɡrəveɪtɪd/ adjective [only before noun] law  an aggravated offence is one in which a criminal does something that makes their original crime more serious He was charged with aggravated assault.
Examples from the Corpus
aggravatedBut conflict with Henry the Lion soon became aggravated.We are extending that provision to the aggravated events that follow the taking away.Moreover, such a requirement would discourage prosecutions for the aggravated offence and would exclude private prosecutions.One might well ask how important the element of criminal damage is to the rationale of the aggravated offence.aggravated assaultIn April, Sharpe pleaded guilty to possessing a crack pipe and no contest to attempted aggravated assault.The pattern held true for rapes, robberies and aggravated assault.The public order essence of the offence has been wholly lost, and affray has become a form of aggravated assault.To them, hypocrisy is aggravated assault by other means.Nine people were charged with burglary, three with robbery and two with aggravated assault on a police officer.
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