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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishaggressionag‧gres‧sion /əˈɡreʃən/ ●○○ noun [uncountable]  1 VIOLENTangry or threatening behaviour or feelings that often result in fighting Television violence can encourage aggression in children.aggression towards Our dogs have never shown aggression towards other dogs.2 ATTACKthe act of attacking a country, especially when that country has not attacked first an unprovoked act of aggressionaggression against Athenian aggression against Persia
Examples from the Corpus
aggressionIndividual and group exercise programmes promote mobility and confidence, helping to diffuse anxiety and aggression.He played in an ecstasy of sweat and aggression.Teenagers often make inappropriate responses to conflicts such as aggression, withdrawing, sulking, tantrums or destructive behaviour.The invasion was condemned as 'blatant aggression' by the British Prime Minister.another example of communist aggressionIn a prison, drugs sometimes have to be used to control aggression.The President promised to use all his powers to prevent further aggression.She said Scott never turned his aggression on her.A society of families both constrains male aggressions and channels them toward the protection and support of family and society.Textbooks tend to ignore past military aggressions.Any eastward expansion would be regarded by the government as an act of aggression.They have begun to show aggression to each other.Some people think that aggression in children may be caused by the food they eat.As our older generation knows from experience, unchecked aggression against a small nation is a prelude to international disaster.act of aggressionTo wear such a garment was an act of aggression in itself.It was an inexcusable act of aggression.Rather, it typically involves acts of aggression towards players and officials, or over-exuberant celebratory activity including the vandalism of property.Wars are not really acts of aggression and defense, for we must recognize a difference between proximate and true causes.It will inevitably be harder to prevent similar acts of aggression in future.These acts of aggression went unchecked because the powers that might have stopped them had problems of their own.Longbine said line dancers have concluded that repeated dance floor collisions were acts of aggression by the ballroom dancers.
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