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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishaggressiveag‧gres‧sive /əˈɡresɪv/ ●●○ S3 W3 adjective  1 FIGHTVIOLENTbehaving in an angry threatening way, as if you want to fight or attack someone Jim’s voice became aggressive. Teachers apparently expect a certain amount of aggressive behaviour from boys.2 DETERMINEDvery determined to succeed or get what you want A successful businessman has to be aggressive. an aggressive marketing campaign3 an aggressive disease spreads quickly in the body an aggressive form of breast canceraggressively adverbaggressiveness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
aggressivePerhaps because of its deep associations with childhood, drunken behavior is usually more infantile than aggressive.Some breeds of dog, such as German shepherds, were bred to be aggressive.The men were drunk and aggressive.When I said no, she became rude and aggressive.Like many children exhibiting aggressive behavior, Scott found it tough to talk about his feelings and how he coped with emotions.They felt that the aggressive behaviour and attention-seeking which are more prevalent among males should not be reinforced by teacher responses.Kids who play violent video games show much more aggressive behaviour than those who don't.Manipulation is just another form of aggressive behaviour.The world of international banking is now full of aggressive, bright, but hopelessly inexperienced lenders in their mid-twenties.Chris is an aggressive driver.Patrick is generally regarded as having been an aggressive enforcer of civil-rights laws and often came under fire from conservatives.Aggressive people become more aggressive around passive people, Ruth said.Some of the crowd were very aggressive, shouting and banging on windows.an aggressive treatment for cancer
From Longman Business Dictionaryaggressiveag‧gres‧sive /əˈgresɪv/ adjective1an aggressive action uses direct and forceful methods in order to achieve the result that someone wantsaggressive marketing tactics to promote smoking among teenagersaggressive cost-cuttingAggressive buying from foreign investors has led the Nikkei’s recent recovery.2an aggressive person or organization is very determined to be successful and achieve what they wantThe company is struggling to fight off aggressive competitors.
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