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aggressive/suicidal/criminal/artistic etc tendencies

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishaggressive/suicidal/criminal/artistic etc tendenciesaggressive/suicidal/criminal/artistic etc tendenciesCHARACTER/PERSONALITYa part of someone’s character that makes them likely to behave in a certain way or become an artist, criminal etc children with aggressive or anti-social tendencies tendency
Examples from the Corpus
aggressive/suicidal/criminal/artistic etc tendenciesThe Asiaticus does not appear to have any aggressive tendencies and appears to be equally active during the day and night.In Phoenix any aggressive tendencies were dampened by the location of these agencies within a government structure that frowned on federal aid.Through a series of flashbacks, Judith's past is gradually explored, and you begin to take her suicidal tendencies seriously.The rumbling row with the unions over ending the block vote is a classic example of its suicidal tendencies.Learning theories have been much more important in positivist theorising about the acquisition of criminal tendencies.Most probably, if had not been articulated in times of war these artistic tendencies would have simply been considered marginal.Its sedative effects were valued, but sometimes progressed to pathological depression with suicidal tendencies, so its use was limited.
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