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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishaggressorag‧gres‧sor /əˈɡresə $ -ər/ noun [countable]  ATTACKa person or country that begins a fight or war with another person or country measures taken to deter potential aggressors
Examples from the Corpus
aggressora call for united action against the foreign aggressorHe was not released until he had been forced to sign an undertaking not to bring any charge against his aggressors.Mark Langley had previously been wrongly identified as the aggressor.It casts the Woodvilles as the aggressors and Gloucester as the victim of circumstance.Penelope became the aggressor, tactful, knowledgeable, sure as the lover.If the enemy ignites war recklessly, we shall resolutely answer it with war and completely destroy the aggressors.The situation is complex and it is not easy to determine exactly who is the aggressor in this case.She said it was unclear who the aggressors were.During times of economic and political stability, on-the-field sports violence allows for tension release, through vicarious identification with the aggressor.The USSR scored valuable propaganda points against its Western aggressors.
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