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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishaghasta‧ghast /əˈɡɑːst $ əˈɡæst/ adjective [not before noun] written  SHOCKfeeling or looking shocked by something you have seen or just found outaghast at Everyone was aghast at the verdict. Hank looked at her aghast.see thesaurus at shocked
Examples from the Corpus
aghast""Ten thousand pounds!'' she said, aghast.Some of the Republican policies have left feminists dismayed and aghast.She followed the child into the room, but there she stood aghast.They stood around her in the stuffy room, aghast.Threats, violence, kidnapping; enough to leave Prunella aghast and anxious.She stared, aghast, at the fine-honed beauty of that chest.Mr Sullivan seemed aghast at the prospect of losing his only daughter to this arrogant young man.Little wonder that, as one newspaper put it, Ministers were aghast at the verdict.There was to be no stunned silence, no aghast staring and, it seemed, no dramatic response from Greg.Tom was aghast when he saw the bagpipes.Roirbak was aghast when he saw what had happened to Mellissa.aghast atI was aghast at the violence I was witnessing.
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