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agitatora‧gi‧ta‧tor /ˈædʒəteɪtə $ -ər/ noun [countable]  PPGsomeone who encourages people to work towards changing something in society – used to show disapproval a political agitator
Examples from the Corpus
agitatorTrouble was something to be nipped in the bud; dangerous agitators people to be kept behind bars.The obvious place to start was with the known agitators and trouble-makers.Many victims of violence have been leading agitators against corruption, as well as high-profile leftist activists.Many of these protesters will be outside agitators, even convention delegates, from anti-abortion strongholds like Texas and Florida.The genuine protestors were joined by outside agitators, intent on encouraging violence.The riots were the work of political agitators.The convent could not hold the restless agitator.One thousand state militiamen were sent to control the agitators.
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