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aglowa‧glow /əˈɡləʊ $ əˈɡloʊ/ adjective [not before noun] literary  1 CBRIGHThaving a soft light, or a strong warm colour The evening sky was still aglow.2 HAPPYif someone’s face is aglow, they seem happy and excitedaglow with Linda’s face was aglow with happiness.
Examples from the Corpus
aglowThe morning sun set the sky aglow.Floodlighting reflected from the silvery burnt umber cladding of the walls as though ice-ghosts danced there, and set the green columns aglow.She sat up in the bed, dumbstruck, her face aglow as if lit from the inside.Her secret was kept, her secret, which made her feel aglow inside.Jewel-tipped stalactites hung from the cavern roof, aglow like many little lamps.It was not quite dark yet and the evening sky on the high tops was still aglow with delicate pastel shades.I rejoined the group and we were all tingling and aglow with the experience.
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