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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishagoa‧go /əˈɡəʊ $ əˈɡoʊ/ ●●● S1 W1 adverb  PASTused to show how far back in the past something happened5 minutes/an hour/20 years etc ago Her husband died 14 years ago.long ago/a long time ago He should have finished at university long ago, but he kept taking extra courses.a minute/moment ago The little girl you saw a moment ago was my niece.a little/short while ago Tom got a letter from him just a little while ago. They moved to a new house some time ago (=a fairly long time ago). We had our bicentenary celebrations not that long ago.GRAMMAR: Patterns with agoUse the simple past, not the present perfect, with ago. You say: I started a new job a few weeks ago. Don’t say: I’ve started a new job a few weeks ago.Don’t use a preposition such as ‘at’, ‘in’, or ‘on’ before a phrase with ago. You say: They first met fifteen years ago. Don’t say: They first met at/in/fifteen years ago.Don’t use ‘since’ or ‘before’ with ago. You say: I came to the US two months ago. Don’t say: I came to the US since/before two months ago.
Examples from the Corpus
agoThirty years ago 33 % of university students were female; now there are more women than men."When did you hurt your back?" "About a fortnight ago".Michael left the office 20 minutes ago.Michael left the office about half an hour ago.My daughter was married just over a year ago.Pauline wrote to me once, but that was ages ago.We went down to see a show in London not so long ago.After all, he was supposed to have been hanged half a century ago.Even their twittering seems fairly low-key compared with the excited sounds they made just a few weeks ago.The good ole boys had their day two years ago."When did you live in Germany?" "Oh, it was a long time ago."The only thing we ever get is old, stale news about where they used to be, some time ago.Did you see that program about genetics that was on a little while ago?I met your father once, a long time ago.Lucy's aunt died a few months ago.I had my keys a minute ago, and now I can't find them.That was less than three and a half hours ago, but it might have been years.The gun was pieced together over twenty years ago by Caltech geophysicist Tom Ahrens.George went out half an hour ago. Can I have him call you back?The company a year ago changed its reporting period to a fiscal year that ends March 31 from a calendar year.How long ago did you buy the computer?How long ago was that, Dad?some time agoHer father died some time ago.I lost my taste for sweets some time ago.The only thing we ever get is old, stale news about where they used to be, some time ago.They moved to Chicago some time ago , a couple of years I think.We did a job for Jett some time ago, and he told me to drop in whenever I was passing.She had arrived with her parents some time ago but seemed to be dancing with a matador.She must have gone to bed some time ago, else Jessie wouldn't have been able to sneak out.The extent to which certain species of marine fishes may be tamed was published some time ago in a popular weekly magazine.Maybe your financial position has changed recently and plans you made some time ago need reviewing.
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