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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishagoga‧gog /əˈɡɒɡ $ əˈɡɑːɡ/ adjective [not before noun]  EXCITEDvery excited about something and wanting to find out more I’ve been agog all afternoon, waiting for the next part of your story. Paul was agog with curiosity.
Examples from the Corpus
agogThe townsfolk of Berwick were agog, and not a little apprehensive.The court was agog and the journalists continued to scribble away, knowing they were about to have a field day.Everyone was agog to hear what on earth comrade Khrushchev would say.Naturally, when the seedlings are planted out, you will be all agog to see what the blooms will be like.However, Burke's outstanding performance had boxing enthusiasts agog with excitement and wanting more.
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