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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishagonizedag‧o‧nized (also agonised British English) /ˈæɡənaɪzd/ adjective [only before noun]  PAINexpressing very severe pain an agonized scream From some place close by she heard agonized sobbing.
Examples from the Corpus
agonizedHis face was agonized and he was trying to tell me something.While it was there he was happy and tranquil, and while it was not he was agonized and sad.It followed a stormy and agonized debate, but Landsbergis's stated support for the moratorium appeared to have swayed many deputies.Mary was watching with a kind of agonized fascination.The agonized hand-wringing about internationalism and the finer points of world politics were thrust aside.She spotted other figures moving about, and from some place close by she heard agonized sobbing.
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