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agrariana‧grar‧i‧an /əˈɡreəriən $ əˈɡrer-/ adjective [usually before noun]  TArelating to farming or farmers an agrarian economy (=based on farming)
Examples from the Corpus
agrarianYet if one compares these two essentially agrarian communities in temporal terms, the situation is reversed.By the 1870s sufficient of world agriculture was in the second position to make agrarian depression both world-wide and politically explosive.To me these faces have the appearance of contentment, agrarian in origin.The simple proposition behind all agrarian reform was that surplus land should be distributed to surplus labour.A rapid acceleration took place in the implementation of the agrarian reform.In the more traditional agrarian societies these mobile constructors formed an important bridge between rural and industrial life.During the suppression of the agrarian unrest of 1830 he attempted, unsuccessfully, to improve the wages of labourers around Dorchester.
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