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a‧gree‧ment S1 W1
1 [countable] an arrangement or promise to do something, made by two or more people, companies, organizations etc:
a trade agreement
agreement with
Does your employer have an agreement with a union?
agreement on
an agreement on arms reduction
come to/reach an agreement
Failure to reach an agreement will result in a strike.
Haydon came to an agreement with his creditors.
under an agreement
Under the agreement, most agricultural prices would be frozen or cut.
They had an agreement that she would give them any leftover food from her shop.
They claimed the company had broken the terms of the agreement.
2 [uncountable] when people have the same opinion as each other [≠ disagreement]
agreement that
There is general agreement that copyright is a good idea.
agreement on
There is widespread agreement on the need for prison reform.
be in agreement
A decision will not be made until everyone is in agreement.
It is easier for two parties to reach agreement than for three.
3 [uncountable] when someone says yes to an idea, plan, suggestion etc
agreement to do something
Would their discussion result in his agreement to visit his stepmother?
agreement of
Such arrangements cannot be altered without the agreement of the bank.
4 [countable]SCL an official document that people sign to show that they have agreed to something:
Please read the agreement and sign it.
a hire purchase agreement

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