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ahead of/behind time

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishahead of/behind timeahead of/behind timeearlier or later than the time when something happens, should be done etc Prepare what you plan to say in the meeting ahead of time (=before the meeting). The train left twenty minutes behind time (=after it should have left). time
Examples from the Corpus
ahead of/behind timeLinear regression, for example, requires all the data to be collected ahead of time and then processed all at once.They were trying to learn to perform a role whose meaning and importance they could not grasp ahead of time.When you surf to a new Web page, you have no idea ahead of time whether it contains a Java program.It is important to check this list ahead of time so that you have everything ready to complete the demonstration.Anticipate the problems your client may have with self-monitoring ahead of time, and rehearse strategies to deal with those situations.Many of them had prepared notes ahead of time, and Drake took lots of notes.Issues such as job assignments and reduced overtime are worked out ahead of time.It is hard to lay down rules about this ahead of time.
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