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aid and abet

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishaid and abetaid and abetlaw to help someone do something illegal aid
Examples from the Corpus
aid and abetIt has been aided and abetted.But Selikoff persisted in his campaign against asbestos, aided and abetted by labor unions and environmental groups.What if these citizens were quietly protected, even aided and abetted, by our elected officials?Where were those dark Plutonian forces when she needed them to aid and abet her plotting?Activist tendencies aid and abet stage 1, having experiences.Second, the doctor has aided and abetted the patient only in his refusal to undergo further treatment.It isn't eased by the knowledge that the bankers who aided and abetted these exercises have suffered as much as anybody.The hack drivers aided and abetted this extortion, hustling unwary tourists to the Davis establishment.
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