1 noun
aid1 S2 W2
1 [uncountable] help, such as money or food, given by an organization or government to a country or to people who are in a difficult situation:
Foreign aid from many countries poured into the famine area.
convoys delivering humanitarian aid
a substantial aid programme
He has been granted legal aid (=free legal services).
2 [uncountable] help that you need to do a particular thing
with/without the aid of something
Father Poole walked painfully, with the aid of a stick.

in aid of something

in order to help a charity:
We're collecting money in aid of cancer research.
4 [uncountable] help or advice that is given to someone who needs it
come/go to somebody's aid (=help someone)
I didn't speak any French, but a nice man came to my aid.
5 [countable] something such as a machine or tool that helps someone do something:
A video is a useful aid in the classroom.
a hearing aid

what's this in aid of?

British English spoken used to ask what something is used for or why someone is doing something:
What's this meeting tomorrow in aid of, then?
7PGO an American spelling of aide

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