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AIDSAIDS (also Aids British English) /eɪdz/ noun [uncountable]  MI (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) a very serious disease that stops your body from defending itself against infections, and usually causes death the AIDS virus Aids sufferers full-blown AIDS (=AIDS at its most advanced stage)
Examples from the Corpus
AIDSAbout 70 percent of AIDS victims throughout the country are male homosexuals and bisexuals.It had heard that the paper was planning to include an item on AIDS and demanded to be consulted.Beyond that, AIDS patients must pay or go on Medi-Cal.It was a hint that AIDS is more than one disease.Unlike the virus that causes the flu, the AIDS virus can not be transmitted through the air.Evidence shows that the AIDS virus may also attack the nervous system, causing damage to the brain.Our educators present a personal message, each one having had experience of caring for those dying with AIDS at home.
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