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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishaimlessaim‧less /ˈeɪmləs/ adjective  PURPOSEnot having a clear purpose or reason a young man drifting through life in an aimless wayaimlessly adverbaimlessness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
aimlessSuch precision baffled Quinn, for in all other respects Stillman seemed to be aimless.The novel seems aimless, and the characters are stereotypes.Now Scott, still aimless at 40, surprises his father with a visit at Christmas.Over and over again in the past few weeks he has shown himself to be leading a rudderless, aimless Government.This change should stop the aimless kicking downfield.Her aimless meandering eventually brought her to the top of Heymouth, directly underneath the towering cliffs.It was a jungle of thick eucalyptus, corpses, tangled azalea, and memories of aimless nocturnal screams.She changed from an aimless, pregnant teenager into a purposeful young woman.an aimless, spoiled young man
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