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air hostess

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishair hostessˈair ˌhostess noun [countable] British English old-fashioned  a woman who serves food and drink to passengers on a plane
Examples from the Corpus
air hostessWhen Kylie returns as an air hostess for Spinning, the world suddenly seems perfect again.We are not told how these risks compare with, say, working as an air hostess, or as a policewoman.Finally, I offered to become an air hostess to pay my way, and this time, received an immediate reply.She told Nigel proudly that Alison could have been anything she wanted, even an air hostess.As she might have expected, it was almost empty, except for an air hostess sitting on the toilet, smoking.Beryl was an air hostess belonging to a rival airline he had met at the John F. Kennedy Airport.But he is found by the air hostess and bustled on board.Carl looked up and saw the young air hostess staring at them.
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