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airborneair‧borne /ˈeəbɔːn $ ˈerbɔːrn/ adjective  1 TTAa plane that is airborne is in the air2 TTAPMairborne soldiers are trained to fight in areas that they get to by jumping out of a plane3 carried through the air airborne pollutants
Examples from the Corpus
airborneMystics frequently speak of enlarging, of loss of body sensations, bubbling up, or becoming airborne.Our Falconet target aircraft uses a centrifugal launcher as its principal method of getting airborne.Those developing their techniques will enjoy the chopping water a little downwind - excellent if you're first starting to get airborne.The second auto became airborne and crashed on to a third car, in which the girl was a passenger.A typhoon also moved in that day, obscuring the mountain and turning the airborne ash into a downpour of mud.Infections can be passed around by airborne particles.The Potomac was clean again, a haven for windsurfers, and certain airborne pollutants had fallen sharply.As soon as the plane was airborne, the captain's voice came over the loudspeaker.All 181 aircraft were airborne within fifteen minutes, something of a record.
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