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airfieldair‧field /ˈeəfiːld $ ˈer-/ noun [countable]  TTAa place where planes can fly from, especially one used by military planes
Examples from the Corpus
airfieldBut it was unlucky 13 when he took off from an airfield in Yorkshire in a Halifax bomber.That burst finally convinced somebody in airfield defence.Graf von Kageneck is helped into his parachute harness by his ground crew on a Sicilian airfield in May 1941.During 9 March numerous single aircraft appeared overhead to strafe Takali airfield.A few days later a 69 Squadron Maryland approached the airfield, looking for all the world like a Ju88.Trying to exit the airfield after the show ended resulted in large queues of vehicles all trying to get out of one gate.The result in the vote against the development and for the retention of the airfield was unanimous.
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