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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishairingair‧ing /ˈeərɪŋ $ ˈer-/ noun  1 DISCUSS[singular] an occasion when an opinion, idea etc is discussedbe given/get an airing an issue that wasn’t given an airing during the campaign2 [countable] an occasion when a programme is broadcast on television or radio the program’s first airing in 20003 [countable] an occasion when something is shown to people a car which had its first airing at the Paris Motor Show4 [singular] an occasion when you let fresh air move around something Put your houseplants outside to give them an airing.
Examples from the Corpus
airingAny smile she might have thought was about to have an airing, however, did not make it.The red stockings and garters are stored away but you never know - they may soon be out again for another airing.Let us by all means give our classic a regular airing and add a new accessory.Koslow's show got terrible ratings during its first two airings.give ... an airingHere the first amendment was being given another airing.Douglas Hurd's active citizen and John Patten's lager louts are both given an airing.Dust, give the rooms an airing.Nor, Ven being the man he was, did he waste any time in giving his thoughts an airing.Eventually, the finished film was given a public airing in Caernarfon.
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