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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishairlessair‧less /ˈeələs $ ˈer-/ adjective  AIRairless places or conditions are unpleasant because there is not enough fresh airairy an airless room
Examples from the Corpus
airlessIt was his building, Lewis' s. It was like his tomb or mausoleum, almost airless.The classroom was airless and uncomfortably hot.The rooms smelled musty and airless, and wallpaper was peeling in great patches.It was hot, airless, badly lit, and generally had a cramped below-decks feel to it.a hot, airless kitchenHe was alone in an airless, partially disabled ship, all communication with Earth cut off.He preferred the airless quiet of the tunnel to the numbing of his skull.Hales lived in a tiny, airless room with one small window that wouldn't open.From outside, the sounds of a game of cricket floated into the hot airless room.Oliver stared around the dark, airless shop at the coffins, some finished, some only half-made.The room is airless, the windows too high for him to open or to see out.
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