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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishairplaneair‧plane /ˈeəpleɪn $ ˈer-/ noun [countable] American English  ldoce_262.png a vehicle that flies through the air and has one or more engines syn aeroplane British English, planeGRAMMAR: Patterns with airplaneYou usually say get on an airplane: As soon as he heard the news he got on an airplane. You can also say get in an airplane.You say get off an aeroplane: We got off the airplane in Mexico City.You usually say that someone is on an airplane: You can’t smoke on an airplane.You can also say that someone is in an airplane. You go somewhere by airplane: We usually go by airplane when we visit them.
Examples from the Corpus
airplaneSuddenly it seemed like a long time since people talked about airplanes with anything but dread.Sabi is to board an airplane for Amsterdam at 3 a. m. Thursday.None of the surface ships or submarines had the capability of shooting down an airplane.Last year 1. 3 billion passengers took a flight in an airplane.Loren Carpenter launches an airplane flight simulator on the screen.Their idea is to create forests by dropping saplings, packed into dart-shaped containers, from airplanes.Its airplane manufacturing plants largely are idle.
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