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airspaceair‧space /ˈeəspeɪs $ ˈer-/ noun [uncountable]  TTAPGthe sky above a particular country, that is legally controlled by that country Canadian airspace
Examples from the Corpus
airspaceWhat was the average monthly number of violations of Delta airspace by Gamma military airplanes?The incident took place in airspace controlled by the military.Are there any Royal flights on today, or any other airspace restrictions?The defendants erected an advertising sign which projected into the plaintiff's airspace by eight inches.Once in a while pilots would actually penetrate Soviet airspace, intentionally or unintentionally.Trespass can therefore be committed by a person who digs a tunnel under land or who abuses the airspace.This was the first Gordon Bennett race where balloons could travel over the airspace of the former Soviet Union.Pat has sketched the band of usable airspace for light or strong wind conditions.
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