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airtimeair‧time /ˈeətaɪm $ ˈer-/ noun [uncountable]  1 TCBthe amount of time that a radio or television station gives to a particular subject, advertisement etc Advertisers have bought airtime on all the major TV networks.2 the amount of time that has been paid for when using a mobile phone
Examples from the Corpus
airtimeJust before airtime, a story had come in on a drug bust: space was hastily made for this.The television station was up and broadcasting locally, and the church was buying airtime on one of the national nets.Television reporters have a lot of airtime to fill.Celebrities and politicians vie for prime-time television and radio airtime in order to gain status.The majority Roman Catholic Church fills half of the airtime and over 30 Protestant denominations share the rest.We don't sell the airtime, so it's not in our power yet, but beyond 1993 we will be.It is believed that Thames will use this airtime to flag the new channel, and C5 if it wins.
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