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alabasteral‧a‧bas‧ter1 /ˈæləbɑːstə $ -bæstər/ noun [uncountable]  alabaster.jpg HEGa white stone, used for making statues or other objects for decoration
Examples from the Corpus
alabasterGranite and alabaster were also imported with precious materials such as porphyry to give richness and lustre to interiors.The windows above glow because of their alabaster filling but make the interior darker than it would be with glass.My fingers are as white, alabaster white, as the hands of a corpse.Aye, sculpted in whitest alabaster to emphasize his purity.They had semi-circular arched heads and were generally filled with alabaster or marble sheets or, sometimes, glass.
alabasteralabaster2 adjective  1 made of alabaster2 white and smooth
Examples from the Corpus
alabasterPoppy by Ruth Harris Poppy's flesh is alabaster, below a cap of bandages.No purple mountain majesty there and no alabaster city, just waves of grain and the Co-op Elevator.And her alabaster skin, always such a stunning foil for her violet eyes, was an alarming shade of yellow.
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