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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishalacritya‧lac‧ri‧ty /əˈlækrəti/ noun [uncountable] formal  FAST/QUICKquickness and eagernesswith alacrity She accepted with alacrity.
Examples from the Corpus
alacrityNo wonder that theism is abandoned with such alacrity by so many of these new philosophers.They imitated the coolness and courage of their predecessors, going forward with the utmost alacrity and firmness.When Gary Paget reappeared, offering his services again, Helen accepted with alacrity.Then he turned with a flop, his belly following with alacrity, losing his only good angle.Startlingly intuitive, she sums up his life situation with alacrity, reducing his Hamlet-size dilemmas to something he can laugh at.He took with alacrity and never looked back.with alacrityPackages are delivered with alacrity.
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